Romany Hafez


Romany Hafez is a visual artist and creative brander; he lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.
Hafez studied creativity, innovation and design at the Cairo School of Applied Arts, Helwan University in the nineties, alongside the sciences of Coptic language and heritage. During his expeditious journey, which spans slightly over 15 years, Hafez has been exploring the origins and foundations of practices that have gradually faded across two millennia. Hafez has developed a new typeface that resorts back to the local ancestry of ancient Coptic art and language. His work includes photographic and textual documentation, in addition to teaching his research findings as well as the Coptic language to younger generations of artists and researchers.
Hafez is also a frequent lecturer of Coptic Heritage, Art and Language.


“In Spaces, Beginnings and Memories…” Solo Exhibition, December 2017, Cairo, Egypt

“Parallel Universes” Group Exhibition, March 2018, Cairo, Egypt

Founoun Gallery Group Exhibition, October 2018, Beirut, Lebanon

“Dubai Meets the World” Group Exhibition by Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery, No ember ‪2018, Dubai‬, UAE

“Memorabilia … Paraphernalia” Solo Exhibition by Picasso Art Gallery, November 2018, Cairo, Egypt

“Aura” Salon du Caire 59th by Ministry of Culture sector of Fine Arts, 2020, Cairo, Egypt

“To be present” Solo Exhibition by Picasso Art Gallery, February 2021, Cairo, Egypt

Date of Birth: NA

Artworks from this Artist

In Spaces, Beginnings and Memories

In Spaces, Beginnings and Memories

Romany Hafez,
Egypt, 2017