About WAMM

What’s WAMM?

What’s WAMM?

World Art and Memory Museum (WAMM) is a virtual space for artistic expressions from around the world. We showcase modern and contemporary art related to social inclusion and the memory of human experience. WAMM brings together many different countries and contexts, featuring artists and their creative work drawn from a variety of genres in visual and digital arts.






What’s special about WAMM?

First, it is the first digital museum with a focus on art and memory exclusively bringing together artists from the global North and the South.

Then, it is a collective curation process which brings together curators across borders. They are given the opportunity to work on both local and global level simultaneously by focusing on their specific contexts as well as comparing and complementing the work from other regions and artists.

Furthermore, once established it is a platform that can grow from local inputs, projects, contributions etc., while becoming a repository and a learning space for global memory as expressed through visual and digital art.

Finally, as a learning space, it will bring together the process of artistic creation and the process of remembering, and using the unique creative opportunity as a pedagogical tool for reflection at both local and global level.


I am interested in

purchasing a featured artwork.

Do you sell?

I am interested in purchasing a featured artwork. Do you sell?

WAMM does not own, sell or function as an art gallery at the moment. Our goal is creating dialogue and educational initiatives around art, memory and social inclusion. However, we are committed to promoting and supporting the artists we feature. They often work in dire circumstances such as war torn terrains, post-colonial or apartheid situations, in exile and a host of fragile contexts that do not support their work adequately. We highly encourage you to contact them or their galleries directly, to whom we have given links in their artist profile. WE are always glad to connect if you need further support in contacting them. 


I am an artist. I want to join WAMM.

How do I get started?

I am an artist. I want to join WAMM. How do I get started?

If you are from a country that is already featured in WAMM, we encourage you to get in touch with our country curator. Click here to get in touch with our country curators. If not, you can directly contact us here. We may not be able to host you immediately, but we will explore possibilities of opening a portfolio for your country in due course.


What’s our Vision

and Mission?

What’s our Vision and Mission?

We believe that art is a universal language that can transfer memories and knowledge across generations. Wherever you are in the world, art portrays the human struggle for a better world, and the valuable lessons therein.

We are a museum without borders.

We are a collective of countries, collectively curating and presenting our art to the world.

We act as a repository of art on social inclusion and memory.

We promote aesthetic appreciation and arts education.

We facilitate cross-border collaborations of artistic and cultural nature.


What specific issues are we trying to address?

What specific issues are we trying to address?

Artists around the world, confronting dire situations of war and human rights violations, often find themselves struggling alone, putting their lives at risk in vocalizing their realties through their work, as their work is often seen as instigating conflicts that are ‘over and better forgotten’. They receive little support from governments, corporate industries, or even people themselves, especially, if they bring painful issues of the past to the table.


Furthermore, many countries in the global south lack curatorial expertise, due to underdeveloped local art scenes and markets. There are few opportunities for artists, even fewer for curators, to come together in a reflective process to compare and reflect on the body of work in their countries. Simultaneously, civil society activists and educators, dealing with issues of truth, justice and reconciliation struggle with reaching and engaging average audiences, especially youth due to lack of innovative approaches and pedagogical tools to facilitate dialogue and reflection at local level. 


WAMM addresses some of the issues above by creating a common global platform where artwork can come together while respecting differentiated cultures of remembrance. It will foster appreciation of artists and artwork beyond their national borders. It will highlight commonalities and differences of how cultures remember, repress or express.  It will provide information and insights on local artists, their artistic processes connected to local memorialization efforts as well as educational material and further links to get involved.


I am interested in supporting an artist through WAMM. Whom do I approach?

I am interested in supporting an artist through WAMM. Whom do I approach?

WAMM aspires to organize cross border collaborations and a host of other activities that support artists, activists, educators and curators in the countries we feature. If you wish to support an artist, or an activity, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will connect with you.


Our journey so far

Our journey so far

Back in 2016, a group of people from several different countries met in Berlin and brainstormed about art as a form of education on memory and history. The idea was to create a platform where art from different continents and contexts that deal with memory and contemporary social issues could be showcased, so that a comparative perspective could emerge. The hope was this would lead to greater cooperation, understanding and solidarity among artists, curators and educators working on related topics across borders.


Eventually seven countries, with three institutional nodes in Sri Lanka, Lebanon and South Africa started working on developing the platform World Art and Memory Museum. District Six Museum, Cape Town gracefully hosted ‘Curating Cultures of Memory’, workshop that brought our country curators from Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa and Sri Lanka to jointly develop a curatorial framework in 2019.


Though the group meant to meet again in 2020 in Beirut to work closely with educators, hosted by the Lebanese Association for History, the global pandemic as well as the tragedies in Lebanon have forced the team to work virtually.


Currently, WAMM presents 28 artists from seven countries. It hopes to host more countries and countries in the future as well as facilitate annual cross border events bringing together artists, curators, educators and activists who work on remembrance.