Doaa Aladdin


Born in 1988, Doaa Aladdin is a Cairo-based Egyptian artist and designer, whose practice spans the medium of painting, graphic design, assemblages and installation. Her mixed media paintings and assemblage explore the realms of memory, of personal trauma, Near Death Experience (NDE), what lies beyond life and the consequent separation anxieties. Stricken as a child by personal losses, Aladdin’s first paintings as a child happened in a closet, where she perceived she could hide from consecutive separations. As her practice developed as a student, and as well as after attaining a BFA in graphic design from the German University in Cairo in 2013, Aladdin draws inspiration from extreme environments of pressure, stress and physical challenge, while conceptually she is driven by formal and informal social controls that exert and express injustice and lack of equality between strata of the one culture.

Date of Birth: 11 December 1988

Artworks from this Artist



Doaa Aladdin,
Egypt, 2018 - 2020